Interactive Zone

As complement to the classic exhibition and the scientific conference at the TRA 2018, research results and initiatives are supposed to be also experienced first-hand. For achieving this aim, a special area was created – The Interactive Zone. The Interactive Zone itself consists of three parts:

Furthermore, belonging to the showcases, there are two outside areas, which are used for vehicles and bigger objects. One outside area is used as arrival and departure area for demonstrations in real traffic environment. Aim of the Interactive Zone is especially the presentation and experiencing of European research excellence and technology competence for visitors and specialist media. Companies and organisations were asked through a call to hand in their demonstrations and showcases. A curated selection will be presented at the TRA in a specially created, theme bases exhibition.

The stage and the networking area are supposed to be available for particularly exciting and interactive formats. This is going to function as complementary contrast to the intense scientific lecture programme of the conference.

The showcases and demonstrations are categorised in six thematic fields:

All participating organisations and projects will be advertised to visitors in an interactive zone guide, published prior to the conference and added to the conference bag. The activities in the Interactive Zone will also be included on the website to make it easy for visitors to find out how to participate.

The Call for the Interactive Zone is alread closed but you have still the possibility becoming an exhibitor of TRA 2018.


Newsarticles to Interactive Zone

We want to introduce a new thematic field in the Interactive Zone at the TRA 2018: Aviation (28.02.1018)

Infrastructure & Asset Management will be another exciting thematic field represented in the Interactive Zone! (19.02.2018)

The next thematic field of the Interactive Zone is ready to be presented: Automated and Connected Transport (08.02.2018)

The next thematic field of the Interactive Zone: Traffic Management and Digital Infrastructure (29.1.18)

The Interactive Zone of the TRA 2018 is starting to take shape! (17.1.18)

Showcases and demonstrations in the Interactive Zone of TRA 2018 take one step closer to reality (28.9.17)



If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Lena Reiser (+43 1 26 33 444-68), Interactive Zone coordinator.



Last updated : 20/03/2018