Interactive Zone

The TRA 2018 conference and exhibition will be enhanced by an interactive zone which will provide a unique experience in different dimensions (speech, visual, hands-on, interactive) for attendees and make TRA 2018 attractive to the technical press and wider public. This zone aims to present complex subjects, in particular research projects, in an interactive and comprehensive way. Key elements of this interactive zone are:

  • Research reach out – new ways of presenting current research results, with a focus on relevance and impact
  • Showcase state of the art research and technology
  • Experiment at TRA in a lab – interactions based on digital infrastructures and connected participants
  • Transform mobility – get in touch with the role of new stakeholders and new key elements of our future transport system


Live traffic showcases and digital infrastructure

In addition to the interactive zone, showcases can take place in live traffic. Several elements of digital infrastructure will be provided in and around Vienna, which can be used for showing applications using this infrastructure and at the same time demonstrating interaction with the same infrastructure.

Interactive Zone Packages

Projects and organisations participating in the interactive zone will be supported up front by the organising team, in order to guarantee a perfect integration into the overall concept.

Parties interested in becoming part of the interactive zone with their projects or products will be presented with packages, which will include:

  • Area and booth at the interactive zone
  • Central booking and reservation for participants
  • Information desk
  • Inclusion in promotion activities and material
  • Integration of activities into overall concept, clustering with similar topics to reach a wide audience
  • Inclusion in networking events
  • Support in set-up of interactive elements at TRA 2018

All participating organisations and projects will be advertised to visitors in an interactive zone handbook, published prior to the conference and added to the conference bag. The activities in the interactive zone will also be included on the website to make it easy for visitors to find out how to participate.

Download full information about the Interactive Zone as PDF

All organisations interested in being part of the interactive zone are asked to describe their respective ideas and plans via the template.
Call now open – click here to submit your proposal
Time schedule

Date Action
December 2016 First call opens
17 March 2017 EXTENDED: First call closes
April 2017 Information to applicants & individual coordination
June 2017 Second call for expression of interest opens
13th October 2017 Second call closes
November 2017 Final information to applicants about accepted showcases / demonstrations
January 2018 Online publication of preliminary demonstration programme


Ideas for showcases and demonstrations will be collected, followed by a check if all required (digital) infrastructure is available or can be provided by the host (please note that, depending on the requirements you have, it is important for us to receive information as soon as possible) and whether the idea fits the overall topics of TRA 2018. The first call for expression of interest will close on 28th February 2017 (end of business – eob). AustriaTech will come back to all organisations that have sent their expression of interest latest by April 2017. In June 2017, a second call for expression of interest will be opened. This call will close on 31st October 2017 eob and participants will be informed in November 2017. Contracts will be prepared and finished by January 2018 at the latest. Please be aware that we will do our best to accommodate the maximum number of showcases/demonstrations relevant to TRA 2018 key areas, nevertheless due to time and space limitations in the programme of the interactive zone, as well as the facilities, we cannot guarantee being able to host all proposals. Therefore, we encourage the early submission of proposals.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Martin Dirnwöber (+43 1 26 33 444-49) or Lena Reiser (+43 1 26 33 444-68), interactive zone coordinators.

Last updated : 02/03/2017